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Before You Book: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

One of the first things you need to do after you get engaged is book your venue. This week on the blog, we’ll be discussing all things venues to help you find a wedding locale that’s just right for your style and budget. You should start by researching wedding venues in your area and visiting a few. While you’re touring venues, be sure to think about the following questions, and be sure you know the answers before booking.

Ceremony: If you were hoping to host your ceremony and reception in the same place, be sure to find out if that’s a possibility (some venues do not allow ceremonies on premises). If it’s not, are there sites nearby where hosting a ceremony would be possible?

Payment: You’ll want to be well-versed in the venue’s payment policies – obviously what their package includes, but also when payment is due, as well as any taxes or hidden fees (ask about corkage or cake-cutting fees as well). It’s also important to find out the venue’s cancellation policy.

Guests’ Comfort: Your guests’ comfort should be your primary concern. What is the venue’s capacity and will all of your guests be able to fit comfortably? The site should neither be too small nor too big for your guest count. Also, consider your elderly or disabled guests – are all parts of the venue accessible to those who are unable to climb stairs? Make sure that bathrooms are large enough and comfortable (the last thing your guests want is to spend the evening waiting in line for the restroom!), and that the venue has some form of climate control.

Decor: If you’re getting married in a space that’s already furnished, make sure you are comfortable with all of the venue’s permanent fixtures (lighting, carpeting, etc.). You’ll have to make sure that your color scheme and flowers mesh well with what’s already included with the venue. If the venue is more of a “blank slate,” find out exactly what rentals you’ll need to bring in on your wedding day – tables, chairs, dishes and flatware, lighting, etc.

Timing: Is there flexibility as to when your wedding could begin or end or are there set times? When would your vendors be able to enter the space to start setting up and how long will they have after the event for break down?

Vendors: Can you hire any vendors you want or must they be from an approved list? Be sure you’re comfortable with the answer before moving forward

Blog by Wedding Wire | Photo by Erin J. Photography

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