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Top 3 Ideas When Planning a Low-Key Bachelor Party

Not All Bachelor Party Planning Involves Wild and Crazy Guys.

When you think of a bachelor party, what do you think of? Many people immediately imagine loud music, bright - or dim, depending on where you go - lights, adult beverages, and of course, a certain industry that employs a large amount of females.

And hey, I have been to those, and they can be a lot of fun. But not everyone wants a wild and crazy bachelor party. Some would just like a low-key atmosphere to spend time with their good buddies. Here are three fun ways to spend those last days of bachelorhood with your friends.

Bachelor Party Planning Idea #1 - Golf Outing

Golfing provides guys a fun way to spend a morning or an afternoon together. The best thing about a golf outing is that you are outside in the fresh air in an environment that is laid back, yet you also are able to bring in a little competition. With a bachelor party on the links you can plan a lunch either before or after the round, and if the round is in the afternoon, you can even work in a dinner afterwards.

A golf outing might not work for everyone, though. First off, not everyone enjoys golf. If a lot of people at the party either do not play golf, are not very good, or both, then a golf outing is probably not a good idea. There is no need to make half of your guests miserable. Also, when you golf, you can only go in groups of 4-5. So if you have 8-10 people at the party then you will only get to spend time with half of them. This is especially hard on the groom-to-be who would like to spend time with everyone.

But if most of your guests love to golf, then this is a great idea.

Bachelor Party Planning Idea #2 - Poker Game

Organizing a poker game brings some of the elements of a classic bachelor party. You get to stay up late and bring booze to the party. In fact, if you want to win, make sure everyone else has plenty of access to the booze. A poker game is fun because it allows everyone to be in the same room at the same time. Even if you have to split the game into two tables, the tables can still be close enough to allow for everyone to socialize.

Like golf, not everyone enjoys poker or knows how to play. However, even those people can still have fun at a poker game since they can still hang out with friends while eating and drinking. And why not bring some video games to entertain those that aren't playing and those that get eliminated from the game early.

A nice thing to do with a poker game is to donate a portion of the pot to the groom-to-be, no matter how he finishes in the game.

Bachelor Party Planning Idea #3 - Softball Outing

A softball outing is something that can be done easily, especially if you have a really nice softball complex nearby. You can usually rent out a field for relatively cheap, and once you are out there, it is a relaxing environment where you can hang out with everyone at the party.

The best thing about a softball outing is that it doesn't really matter how good everyone is. By the time you find enough people to field two teams there will be a handful of guys who are really good and a handful of guys who are not very good at all. But most people will be in the middle. No matter the skill level, you will have a lot of fun.

The biggest problem with a softball outing is actually finding enough people to play a game. 20 is optimal, but you can make do with less. You can have each team pitch to itself or take out another position.

Bachelor Party Planning Is Supposed To Be Fun

If you are in charge of planning a bachelor party, the thing to remember is to have fun. While some guys will want the crazy atmosphere, what they want more than anything else is for their good friend to have a great time.

Blog by Info Barrel | Photo by Wedding Romance

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